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Detox Diets

As its name implies, a detox diet is a dietary method that aims to flush out toxins from the body to maintain optimal bodily functions. Detox diets are generally not considered as slimming diets because the only way for this type of diet to be effective without damaging a person's health is by implementing it as a short-term regimen.

A detox diet consists of one or two of the following elements: fasting or increased intake of liquids to induce the frequency of urination or bowel movement, increased intake of high-fiber foods like vegetables and fruits, limiting the intake of alcohol and processed foods, and taking herbal supplements to aid in the detoxification.

Poor food and lifestyle choices will result in toxins or bad elements depositing themselves in the body. A detox diet will help flush these deposits out to maintain a healthy body. Detox diets often result in clearer skin, regular bowel movements, improved digestion and energy and even metal clarity. Detoxification must not be abused or implemented for long periods because the body needs many kinds of nutrients to function properly. Also, not everyone can undergo detox diets because some people with certain medical conditions cannot drastically alter their food intake. Detox diets are also not recommended for pregnant women and children because of their nutritional requirements.



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